Hi, my name is James

I'm a web developer_


Hi, welcome to my portfolio. My name is James, and I’m a web developer. I will be posting the projects I work through as I learn new techniques & technologies, as well as sharing anything else I build.

I decided to make this site after completing freecodecamp’s certifications, to showcase everything I’ve done so far. I love writing code, and am always looking for new projects where I can develop my knowledge. The technologies I’ve used in my projects so far include Javascript, jQuery, LESS, CSS3, HTML5, MongoDB, Bootstrap, React, D3 and Node

recent projects

Nightlife Co-ordination app

A full stack app which allows users to search an area for bars and see how many other users are going. Authenticated users can click to add to the number of visitors. Authentication with Gihub social login. Hosted on Heroku.

Full stack voting app

A full stack voting application, with authenticated user login and profile management. Built with node & express on the backend, and mongoDB for the database. Hosted on Heroku.

Building an animated header

A walkthrough of some of the ideas & techniques involved in creating an animated planetscape for the header image.

If you've got an idea I can help you realise, feel free to get in touch!